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Mission Statement

Since it's foundation in 1990 Bian Variani has been a name synonymous with innovation. A leader in fashion design and technology, and perpetual challenge to accepted standards and norms, BV has quickly built a renowned reputation in Canada and beyond for a approach to design built upon precision, sophistication and the pride in craftsmanship that’ll stand the test of time. All offerings in the BV range have been created with a vision to complement the dreamers, the innovators, and the leaders who know and love BV. That is our commitment to all our clients in all we do: first class service today, and forever an eye on the opportunities of tomorrow!

About Bian Variani Timepieces

Bian Variani brings fashion forward signature designed timepieces that are cutting edge in both design and technology. Each collection is limited to volume of production. We do not make more than 500 units per design. Bian Variani is a luxury fashion innovator of high quality watches, apparel and technology that are designed in Vancouver and manufactured in Italy. Driven by creativity and innovation, Bian Variani has been in the forefront of breaking new ground in mechanical & electrical engineered designs in the fields of rocket engines, LCD diplays, electic bikes, just to name a few. All watches come equipt with a VARIANI signature piece, hand stitched couture leather watch travel case.


All Bian Variani products showcase a strong functional identity achieved through the excellence of skill, research and development. Our watches have origional genuine analog & digital movement in the same enviroment putting our product in the leading edge of technology.


Crafted with the finest materials, including hypoallergenic solid stainless steel, diamonds, and top quality leather are a few features you will find in the BV collection of watches.


Bian Variani timepieces are protected by a lifetime warranty. We stand behind our brand.

Bian Variani

Fashion Designer


Discover Bian Variani's selection of innovative fashions and products ranging from, coats, shoes, accessories, timepieces, electric bikes and more!


Italian made timepieces with an emphasis on couture designer appeal.

Electric Bikes

Our exclusive carbon fiber bikes are all 100% custom designed to meet your highest expectations.


Our collection includes everything from exotic shoes to premium athletic runners.


Improve your outerwear collection with our selection of jackets for all seasons.


Innovative and bold designs for every lifestyle occasion. Modern style with premium fabrications.


Bian Variani Inc. develops groundbreaking and innovative technologies that streamlines into fashion.

Variani Products

The below is a small showcase of a few items we manufacture.

Who is Variani?

The Bian Variani brand focuses on signature designed products that are cutting edge in both design and technology. Innovative and quality products is the foundation of our goals, and aligns with our moto: "Make the impossible, possible". Everytime you purchase a Bian Variani product, you take one-step closer to the future. We challenge innovation daily and take the dare-to-be-different approach in everything we do. We strive to empower personality through design.

Massari Music Video ft. Variani Jacket

Be Easy by Massari

Here is a music video with Massari wearing the Bian Variani signature racing jacket. This video hit #1 on the billboards. The Variani fashion house works with a multi-fauceted range of celebrities in the music, tv and film industry.

We are known for our couture leather works and superior craftmanship.

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