What I Design?

The Bian Variani brand focuses on signature designed products that are cutting edge in both design and technology. Innovative and quality products is the foundation of our goals. We challenge innovation daily and take the dare-to-be-different approach in everything we do. We strive to empower personality through design.

Leather Belts

Luxury Mens and Womens Leather Belts, 100% Full Grain Leather

Leather Wallets & Purses

Luxury Mens Wallets and Womens Purses, 100% Full Grain Leather.

Leather Jackets

Luxury Mens and Womens Jackets, 100% Full Grain Leather.


Womens high-end stiletto footwear and Mens high-end shoes with the BV yellow bottom trademark.


Elegant Sport Watches with a focus on functionality. We dare to break the laws of design by mastering them.

Electric eBikes

Unisex eBikes with a focus on futuristic designs made for street, dirt or race. Custom built for sustainable transport.

My Designs

The below is a small showcase of a few products we manufacture.

BV Music

Songs with BV and Bian Variani in the lyrics

Massari / Be Easy

Massari "Be Easy Music Video, ft. Bian Variani Leather Jacket